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Real Vikings wanted by... TV NORGE

Real Vikings wanted by... TV NORGE - HISTORIA VIVENS



Are you a real Viking? Are you brave enough? Do you have what it takes?


Then you should sign up for this year's hottest reality series... "Den Siste Viking" ("The Last Viking")  a reality tv-series to be played in September-October 2013 and shown on TV Norge in spring 2014.

This autumn, a number of distinguished people will fight the battle our ancestors did. It is a struggle for power, of honor and of wealth. Tv Norge is looking for men and women who dare to breathe, fight and live like a true Viking.

The application deadline is approaching. Are you interested in applying to be a participant? Write us info(at)historiavivens.eu (n.b. (at)=@). For direct information and application form visit also:






HistoriaVivens for Ukraine!

HistoriaVivens for Ukraine! - HISTORIA VIVENS

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Happy Spring ! - HISTORIA VIVENS

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Historia Vivens is a member of EXARC - HISTORIA VIVENS



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